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Exhibition Workshops for 2024

Our workshops offer a range of techniques and projects tailored for both beginners and experienced quilters. See below for a comprehensive list of available workshops.

We encourage you to book your workshops as soon as possible. Registration will close once the maximum number of participants is reached.

QuiltNSW members should have received a discount code via email for their personal use. This discount applies only to the class fee and does not apply to the cost of the kit.

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Our Tutors

Workshop Timetable

Thursday, 19 September 2024

1 pm – 4 pm Lorena Uriarte – Kwandi Workshop

1 pm – 4 pm Maru Soto  – Collage Workshop

1 pm – 4 pm Luke Haynes – Log Cabins 


Friday, 20 September 2024

9 am – 4 pm Luke Haynes – Clothes to Quilts Workshop

9 am – 12 pm Caroline Sharkey – Turtle Broach Workshop

9 am – 12 pm Sarah Fielke – Small Quilt Workshop

1 pm – 4 pm Karen Styles – Clamshell Pouch

1 pm – 4 pm Anni Downs – Wool Applique

Saturday, 21 September 2024

9 am – 12 pm Luke Haynes – Wierd Quilts 

9 am – 12 pm Karen John – Embroidery Bag

9 am to 12 pm Wabi Sabi – Japanese Semamori (Stitching) Project

1 pm – 4 pm Lisa Walton – Beaded Project

1 pm – 4 pm Wendy Williams – Glasses Case 

1 pm – 4 pm Chris Jurd – Foundation Piecing 


Sunday, 22 September 2024

9 am – 4 pm Luke Haynes  – What to do with that Fabric!

9 am – 12 pm Grace Widders – Mini Wagga Quilt

9 am – 12 pm Karen Cunningham – Workbag

1 pm – 4 pm Therese Rankmore – Block Drafting

1 pm – 4 pm Miss Leela – Christmas Star EPP


Dowload a copy of the workshop schedule here


All workshops will have an ironing station; sewing machines and a cutting station will also be provided for the workshops with Luke Haynes and Chris Jured. All other workshops are hand-sewing based.

We at QuiltNSW thank Bernina for their sponsorship and for making the sewing machines available for these fantastic workshops.

Note: Thursday morning has no workshops due to the QuiltNSW presentation for the Sydney Quilt Show.


Thursday, 19 September 2024 Workshops

Workshop 1

Lorena Uriarte - Kwandi Workshop

Time: 1 pm – 4 pm

Workshop Cost: $70

Kit Cost: $35

Lorena Uriarte is an award-winning, modern maker based in Sydney, NSW. Lorena loves using hand and machine techniques with bold colours in commercial prints and plain fabrics. She aims to create engaging quilts with a lot of movement. Lorena is passionate about teaching patchwork and encourages others to live a fulfilled and creative life to cope with the stresses of modern life. She has taught all around Australia and overseas in New Zealand, England, Scotland, Canada, and the USA. 

Kawandi are traditional utility quilts made by the Siddi diaspora in India, originating from East Africa. Each quilt has a beautiful texture. Traditionally, they are made from clothing and textile scraps, patched and stitched onto a foundation fabric from the outside in. This is a technique class where students will learn the art of Kawandi hand-stitching and the quilt-as-you-go method. This means that you will piece and quilt your sampler at the same time. Once the last piece is stitched down, your quilt is finished! No additional quilting or binding is required! The Kawandi process of piecing and hand stitching is mindful and relaxing. Choosing each new fabric addition, whether a solid or print and then stitching it in place is meditative and creative. 

The expected outcome of the class is that students will complete a small Kawandi that can be enjoyed as is or sewn into a pouch. 

A complete kit is provided, but participants are encouraged to bring their own small scissors and a thimble if they use one. 

Workshop 2

Maru Soto - Collage Workshop

Time: 1 pm – 4 pm 

Workshop Cost: $70 

Kit Cost: $60

My name is Maru, and I have been a quilter for over 20 years. Fabric collage is my passion and joy. I became a Laura Heine-accredited teacher approximately 5 years ago and recently attended one of Laura’s workshops, where I learned how to add an extra dimension of colour and depth to my collages using Inktense pencils.

I have a degree in Adult Education from the University of Technology in Sydney, and teaching at Fabric college is a dream come true. I get to combine my skills and love of fabric and design.

Through the workshops, I guide participants to develop confidence with the collage techniques and fabric choices so they can explore new ways to express their creative talents to produce beautiful and unique collages.

Cardinal collage

Make this lovely Christmas Cardinal fabric collage with Maru from Material Girls Down Under. You will learn the technique that can be applied to any collage pattern. The cardinal is perfect to be made as a cushion cover or small decorative wall hanging.

Workshop 3

Luke Haynes - Log Cabin Workshop

Time: 1 pm – 4 pm

Workshop Costs: $150

I will walk the class through an alternative use of materials. We will take yardage and make it interesting, then create a small log cabin quilt top to show ways to incorporate traditional patterns into a more contemporary aesthetic.  

Materials needed: 

-1/2 yard of a light fabric 

-1/2 yard of a dark fabric 

-1/2 yard of a bright fabric.  

-thread [black or match the bright fabric] 

Friday, 20 September 2024

Workshop 1

Caroline Sharke - Birdsong Panel

Time: 9 am – 12 pm

Workshop Cost: $70

Workshop Kit: $35

I designed this little bird project with some of my favourite fabrics, drawings and designs; the panel is a delicate image of the original picture, leaving lots of uninterrupted areas for you to decorate your way. I hope you enjoy stitching and even adding small extra decorations as well if that’s your style. I will supply some extra embellishments and some of the primary thread to start the project.

I have intentionally hand-stitched the design all in sewing threads that are readily available to enable everyone to achieve results during the project. If you are a more seasoned stitcher with a full array of threads, you can add decorative threads for more embellishments.

The Birdsong pack includes a beautifully printed cotton Birdsong panel ready to stitch with stabilizer and simple-to-follow instructions included.

Workshop 2

Sarah Fielke - Small Quilt Workshop

Time: 9 am – 12 pm

Workshop Cost: $70

Kit Cost: $110

Sarah Fielke is an award-winning quilter, author, and fabric designer from Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Her best-selling quilt books are a staple in many quilters’ libraries. Sarah has been teaching for 25 years, both in Australia and overseas.  


Sakura is the Japanese word for cherry blossom. In this workshop, Sarah will guide you through using a Micron pen to draw and embellish the blossom branch and stitching the English Paper-Pieced cherry blossoms. This beautiful small quilt finishes at 15″ x 22″.

KIT: This kit includes tools, thread, EPP papers, a pattern, and fabric to make the quilt top, including a pre-traced cherry blossom branch. It does not include backing, batting, or binding. The fabrics in the kit will differ from those in the original quilt.

Workshop 3

Luke Haynes - Clothes to Quilts Workshop

Time: 9 am – 4 pm

Workshop Cost: $300

Lunch break from 12 pm – 1 pm

We will start with clothing and end with a quilt. This class focuses on all the steps, from the garment to the finished top. The goal is to learn how to use some unusual materials, create something fun and dynamic, and build a skill set that includes fabrics from family members or rad-found garments or save a dollar by getting it at the thrift store. LUKE will show you some efficient ways of getting fabric from garments, and then we will go through some prompts to create an abstract top that uses the qualities of the fabric to make a small quilt.

Two garments that match in colour and a contrasting garment. so like two dark blue shirts and an orange pair of pants or a red skirt and two light yellow shirts.  [ if you don’t have clothing, 2 yards of matching fabric and a contrasting color of fabric that is 1/2 yard or bigger].

If you don’t have anything at home, I suggest shirts from the opp shop. I would shy away from stretchy, thick, or too slippery shirts, as those are more difficult to work with.

Karen Styles - Clam Shell Pouch

Time: 1 pm – 4 pm

Workshop Cost: $70

Kit Cost: $30

Karen is the owner of Somerset Patchwork and is inspired by all things antique and reproduction, especially the shapes and designs used by the quilt makers of the past. The classic clamshell appears in early Egyptian designs and can also be seen in quilts dating from the early 1600s.  

Project – Enjoy an afternoon of fun with Karen while learning a simple EPP/appliqué technique to create this small clamshell pouch. Clamshells are more accessible than they look and can be applied to many other projects.

Class kit – Includes pattern and fabric to create your clamshell pouch. 

Please bring a glue Pen, Needles, neutral thread, scissors, basic sewing kit, glasses, etc.

Anni Downs - Wool Applique

Time: 1 pm – 4 pm

Workshop Cost: $70 

Kit Cost: $32

I’m Anni Downs, and I work under Hatched and Patched. I started working as a Graphic Designer but soon realised my dream of combining art with sewing when my husband and I moved to the middle of nowhere.

Here, I started designing patterns exclusively for a local patchwork business and later branched out on my own, creating patterns and books for the wholesale patchwork market. In 2001, I opened my store (The Home Patch, Bathurst NSW), which I ran for over 20 years. I also created many patterns, books, and fabric ranges. Recently I closed my store to concentrate on my greatest loves of designing in the pattern and fabric arena.

What I enjoy most is hand sewing and all it encompasses, with its slow and methodical practices. My main go-to techniques are Stitchery, woven wool applique, needle turn applique, English paper piecing, and hand quilting.


The kit will include the following –

Pattern, linen, lining, two applique fabrics, applique wool pieces,

lightweight iron-on interfacing, zipper, ric rac, embroidery floss & fusible web.

Students will also need paper scissors, embroidery scissors, size 8 crewel (embroidery) needle, applique glue stick, pencil….and if they have one (I will have some in class) – pigma pen, ceramic lead pencil in black & white.

Students will work on the applique image and the zipper pull during the workshop. They will need to complete the pouch at home using a sewing machine. Rest assured, I will provide detailed instructions on how to sew it together in class.

Saturday, 21 September 2024

Workshop 1

Wabi Sabi - Japanese Semamori (Stitching) Project

Time: 9 am – 12 pm

Workshop Cost: $70

Kit Cost: $50

We have specialised in Japanese textiles and textile techniques for 25 years. We love to share the joy of Japanese dyeing, stitching and sewing traditions through classes, patterns and kits for Japanese bags, accessories and quilts. To enable people to undertake their dream Japanese project, we stock Australia’s best range of Japanese cotton quilting fabrics, Japanese indigo and shibori supplies.

Takara Treasure Pouch kit

You will learn the history, art and possibilities of Japanese hand stitching, including semamori-stitched talismans traditionally used to protect children and stitched on their clothing. Learn how to use these ‘stitched blessings’ to add a touch of Japanese love to your work.

Using a kit of beautiful antique and vintage Japanese fabrics, we will combine your choice of semammori motifs with some freestyle sashiko (chiku-chiku) to make a treasure pouch, perhaps to use as a gift for a precious someone or to keep your treasured sewing tools in. Inspired by the beauty of a display of genuine Japanese textiles, we will use traditional stitching, patching and layering techniques as a springboard for our creative work.

This workshop is suitable if you’ve never done any sashiko or if you have been stitching for years.

Workshop 2

Karen John - Embroidered Bag

Time: 9 am – 12 pm

Workshop Cost: $70

Kit Cost: $60

Karen is a regular embroidery and patchwork techniques teacher in Sydney. With over 25 years of embroidery experience and more than 60 stitch techniques to offer, she has developed a real love of textured modern embroidery and likes to add small fabric elements and whimsy to her designs. With a design qualification, Karen also looks to share the principles and elements of design to broaden students’ understanding and allow their own creativity to grow and shape projects.


Come along and join me at the Show to make ‘Blossom’. The bag is 7.5” x 10” (plus casing) and features fun textural stitching in perle 5 and 8 threads. Full notes for both the stitching and straightforward construction will be provided.

The kit includes the pattern, all fabric, interfacing, needles, threads, and cord. The motif will be pre-marked on the fabric.

What to bring: small scissors, hoop, few pins, 2B pencil, or disappearing markup pen of choice.

Workshop 3

Luke Haynes - Weird Quilts

Time: 9 am – 12 pm

Workshop Cost: $70

Kit Cost: $150

Things are about to get weird! This will be a super fun and playful class, where we will experiment with using non-traditional and historically taboo materials and fabrics in our quilts!

Over my career, I have had a lot of fun experimenting with new and unusual materials in my quilts! From velvet and corduroy to construction reflective gear and old billboards — I have tried a lot (and had so much fun trying to make these wacky things fit into quilts!)

Come with an open mind and bring any materials you have secretly wanted to work with but have been too scared! Or get something weird and wacky that you LOVE to use and tell us about it, too!

Materials needed:

-bring any materials/textiles/random substrates you are drawn to or feel challenged by! We mean anything (leather, plastic vinyl, sheer fabric, sparkly things, embellished things, old clothing, weird fabrics, pieces of paper or magazines, bags, etc etc, etc) — if you’re wondering, “Can I put that in a quilt somehow?”, bring it! And we will play around and find out! 🙂


-interfacing (if you are bringing stretchy material)

Lisa Walton - Beaded Project

Time: 1 pm – 4 pm

Workshop Cost: $70

Kit Cost: $20

Lisa Walton from Sydney, Australia, has been awarded many prizes for her quilts, including major International and Australian Quilt shows. Lisa taught Internationally and was awarded the Jewel Pearce Patterson Scholarship for Quilting Teachers by the International Quilt Association Houston, USA. Lisa’s quilts have been exhibited in solo and joint exhibitions, and her work is included in collections in the USA, Australia and the UK. Her book – C&T Publishing published Beautiful Building Block Quilts. She has appeared on Quilting Arts TV and The Quilt Show.

Beading Embellishment

Just what you need – another obsession! This 3-hour workshop will teach the basics of bead embroidery and variations. The sampler made in class will be the starting point for many outstanding future projects and a piece of art. As a bonus, you will also make a beaded button using your newfound beading skills.

Wendy WIlliams - Glasses Case

Time: 1 pm – 4 pm

Workshop Cost: $70

Kit Cost: $25

Wendy Williams creates popular textile pieces using wool felt and various traditional and modern patchwork influences. Her studies in teaching and fashion formed a strong foundation for her work, which is happy, colourful, and achievable for makers at any level of experience. Currently a popular Australian designer, Wendy teaches regularly in Sydney, all over Australia, and internationally for groups, events, and shops.

Wool glasses case:

Learn simple applique and embroidery techniques while making a handy little glasses case for your handbag. We will use a variety of simple embroidery stitches and threads. Choose from a range of colours.

The kit includes wool felt for the case and applique, embroidery needles, patterns and threads.

Chris Jurd - Foundation Piecing

Time: 1 pm – 4 pm

Workshop Cost: $70

Kit Cost: $40

Chris started teaching 24 years ago and has a busy schedule of classes throughout the year at various shops in Sydney, regional NSW and interstate. Her work encompasses all styles, with an emphasis on a strong colour palette and a current preference for foundation piecing. Chris has regularly contributed to Quilters Companion and recorded two DVDs for the magazine.

She recently published a book, Big Bold and Beautiful, with the Quiltmania team. She is also a great advocate for machine quilting on a domestic machine.

Introduction to foundation piecing – kit

Learn my easy 3-step process to conquer this fabulous technique.

Make one or two New York Beauty blocks in the workshop with the patterns, foundation papers, and fabrics supplied for all four blocks—the colour palette will be more modern than the photo supplied.

Bring general sewing supplies, including a ruler, a cutter, and a small cutting mat.

Add a quarter ruler if you have one, but it is not essential.

Paper and fabric scissors, flat head pins, neutral-coloured thread

20cms freezer paper

Sunday, 22 September 2024

Workshop 1

Grace Widders - Mini Wagga

Time: 9 am – 12 pm

Workshop Cost: $70

Kit Cost: $45

Grace is an award-winning quilter with a long, practised background in design and technique. As a teacher by trade, she is well-versed in ensuring students have a solid foundation of skills.

Grace brings her consistent creative talents and patient manner to the classroom. Join Grace to create a classic mini Wagga. Let her guide you through working with thicker woollen fabrics to piece, embellish and finish a Wagga-style mini quilt. Your finished piece could be a mini quilt, a wall hanging or a cushion.

Mini Wagga Workshop Requirements

The kit includes;

9 precut 7inch woollen squares

5 x 5 inch squares of wool or felt fabric for embellishment

50cm square backing

50cm square wadding

Embroidery needle

Perle 8 thread

Workshop 2

Karen Cunningham - Work Bag

Time: 9 am – 12 pm

Workshop Cost: $70

Kit Cost: $35

I have been teaching for more than 34 years. My quilts are based on traditional methods and design with naïve applique and a mix of vintage and modern fabrics. I grew up in the north of England and have a love of English–style quilts. I am inspired by both British gardens and the Australian Blue Mountains, which I now call home. I have taught classes in Australia, France, England, and the Netherlands. Quiltmania published my book, “A Ladies Garden”, in 2021.

 Theodorah’s workbag

This vintage sewing bag is designed to hold all your bits and pieces for any project you’re working on. We will stitch the sample-style front of the bag in the workshop and finish the bag at home. The linen will be pre-marked ready to start stitching.

Techniques include Various ways to cover hexagons, Applique stitch and easy embroidery.

A detailed demonstration of bag construction will be included in the workshop.


All materials: The same as the photo

Glue stick 

Threads: embroidery and cotton



Iron on Pelon


Bring along scissors and Roxanne’s glue if you prefer to glue baste.

Workshop 3

Luke Haynes - What to do with that fabric!

Time: 9 am – 4 pm

Workshop Cost: $300


We ALL have at least one stashed piece of fabric in our closet or basement that we are holding on to for some special occasion or don’t know how to use. Let this be it. I want to take out those fun pieces and use them in fun designs we can all learn together. We will work together on scale and design to match the fabric types.


Materials needed:

that fabric. ½ yard minimum is best.

-1 yard of a black fabric you like with it

-1 yard of a white fabric you like with it.

-a few other colour/print fabrics you want to try to incorporate

-thread [black or match the favourite fabric]

-paper and a pen

Therese Rankmore - Introduction to Drafting

Time: 1 pm – 4 pm

Workshop Cost: $70

Kit Cost: $25

For over forty years, Therese has been sharing her patchwork creativity, knowledge and enthusiasm through her teaching.

Therese has developed and taught various classes and workshops from her well-equipped Gumnut Gear Studio in Gunnedah, NSW. In the last few years, she has expanded to teaching online via Zoom, including individual lessons by request.

Therese is also an avid quilt designer, believing that anyone can design their quilts with the correct knowledge of drafting blocks to the desired size and shape. This skill allows beginner and seasoned patch workers to expand their quilting knowledge. Her quilts have won several awards in the QuiltNSW and Canberra Quilters annual shows.

Introduction to Drafting with Therese Rankmore

Join me in this hands-on class designed to take you through the basics of Drafting blocks to the size and shape you desire for your quilt. I will show you how to break down the block, draw it out on graph paper, make pattern pieces, and then transfer them to your fabric.

In this course, you will learn the following:

· About quilt blocks

· How to draft them in different sizes and shapes

· Learn about grainlines

· Making and labelling templates

· Talk about fabrics

· Cutting and marking your fabric

Miss Leela - Christmas Star (English Paper Piecing)

Time: 1 pm – 4 pm

Workshop Cost: $70

Kit Cost: $25

Miss Leela believes that slow stitching soothes the soul. She is passionate about English Paper Piecing and ensuring that this traditional patchwork carries on to future generations. She enjoys the gentleness and joy of sipping tea while slow stitching. You will find her in the garden talking to her flowers when she’s not stitching. In her shop, The Maker’s Stash, she sells her range of precut paper templates, EPP patterns, beautifully curated fabric and threads, and all the handy notions you need for Slow Stitching.

Christmas Star (English Paper Piecing)

In this three-hour workshop with Miss Leela, you will discover the joy of slow stitching and make yourself a beautiful Christmas Star decoration using English Paper Piecing. Miss Leela will take you through all the steps, imparting her best tips on piecing diamonds and finishing your decoration. Your kit contains pattern instructions, a beautiful scrap pack of fabrics, wool felt, paper templates, a DMC Diamante Gold Thread reel, and a ribbon hanger.

Needles, thread, scissors and glue pen will be provided for use during the workshop.