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QuiltNSW Exhibitions

Get ready to be captivated by the mesmerizing quilting world at the highly anticipated QuiltNSW Exhibition! Join us to celebrate creativity, craftsmanship, and community as we showcase the exquisite talents of our members and the vibrant artistry of quilting.

Highlights of the Exhibition: Stunning Quilt Displays: Immerse yourself in a stunning display of quilts ranging from traditional to contemporary, showcasing a diverse range of styles, techniques, and themes. Marvel at the intricate details, vibrant colours, and heartfelt stories woven into each quilt.

Guest Exhibitors: Discover the works of guest exhibitors and featured artists who bring a fresh perspective and innovative approaches to quilting. Be inspired by their unique creations and explore new ideas for your own quilting projects.

Special Exhibits: Explore special exhibits highlighting specific themes, techniques, or historical periods in quilting. From vintage quilts to modern interpretations, these exhibits offer a deeper insight into the evolution and diversity of quilting artistry.

Interactive Workshops: Enhance your quilting skills and knowledge with hands-on workshops led by experienced instructors. Learn new techniques, experiment with different materials, and unleash your creativity in a supportive and inspiring environment.

Quilt Marketplace: At our quilt market, you can shop for quilting supplies, fabrics, patterns, and more. You can also discover unique finds, connect with local vendors, and stock up on everything you need for your next quilting project.

Community Engagement: Connect with fellow quilters, exchange ideas, and share your passion for quilting. Engage in meaningful conversations, join special interest groups, and become part of a vibrant quilting community.

Key Dates

In 2024 the QuiltNSW Exhibition will be returning to the Grand Pavilion, Rosehill Gardens Racecourse, Sydney

Thursday 19 to Sunday 22 September 2024. Save the dates!

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Exhibition 2024

The Sydney Quilt Show is a member Exhibition, if you want to be part of this amazing event become a member of QuiltNSW, with more information on our membership page click here


This online handbook is a collection of resources to assist QuiltNSW members in preparing their entry for the QuiltNSW Exhibition 2024 Sydney Quilt Show,

Note: all entrants must be members of QuiltNSW to participate in the quilt show.

Key Dates:

Entries open at 9 am, Monday, 1 May 2024
Entries close at 5 pm, Monday, 10 June 2024
Acceptance Notifications will be sent on Monday, 8 July 2024

We strongly recommend downloading the Hanging Sleeve and Quilt Label instructions documents if you are an entrant. These contain crucial information that will ensure your quilts are show-ready.

If you need assistance, please contact one of the following.


New in 2024

1. An entrant must be a current financial member of QuiltNSW to enter quilts for judging or display. Submission is via the online entry form only. All entries must have been completed within the last two years. The entire quilt top must be complete at the time of entry with the exclusion of categories. 20 & 21 (Junior & Youth entrants). For categories 20 & 21 the entry may be of a quilt top in progress. Once an entry has been submitted, you cannot make changes to it.
2. If your quilt is entered into Category 11 For the Joy of Sharing, the quilt must still conform to all necessary Conditions of Entry. Maximum size 260 x 260cm
3. For the QuiltNSW Exhibition, a quilt is considered to have at least 3 layers of fabric held together with stitching, except for:
o Category 4 and 9 (Other Techniques) for Coverlets only
o Category 13 (Art Quilt (Open))
o Category 14 (Pictorial Quilt (Open))
4. Quilts accepted for Judging that have previously won a First, Excellence or Special Award at a ‘Major Show’ can only be considered for a category award and will not be eligible for Best of Show, Excellence or Special Awards. A ‘Major Show’ is a State/Territory Guild’s judged exhibition or competition, a National/International judged exhibition or competition. If an entered quilt receives such an award after entry, please notify QuiltNSW immediately.
5. Kit\Block of the Month Quilts: Quilts that have been made with a kit or block of the month (BoM) where the fabric has been supplied are only eligible to be entered into Category 11 (For the Joy of Sharing). They will not be judged. Quilts made from commercial patterns where no fabric is supplied are eligible for judging.
6. New Award *Best Modern Design:  For quilts using modern design that enhances the impact of the quilt. Only entrants in Categories 15, 16 & 17 who have quilted their own quilts are eligible to nominate their quilt for this award.  

Other Reminders

If you plan on entering Entrant’s Quilt Top Quilted by Another (Categories 5 and 10), please book your quilt in time for delivery and ensure that your quilter is a current QuiltNSW member. 
Ensure that your quilt size matches your submission. The show layout is dependent on this information. It is used to arrange all the quilts for the show and all the equipment used to hang your quilts.
QuiltNSW respects the rights of First Nation People to own and control their heritage. Therefore, entrants should not incorporate design elements into their quilts without the owners’ consent.
Include proper attribution to the design source for your quilts and, if applicable, design consent from the copyright holder. (Design consent is not required for a commercially available pattern.) Please obtain design consent before commencing work on your quilt.
All entries in category 13: Art Quilts must be your own original design, not a copy or a variation of another artist’s design in any medium.
For category 18: Two-Person Collaborative, any collaboration in which neither party has been paid for their services is eligible. Refer to Condition 19 for further information.

Prize Winners

Coming Soon

Quilt Show Online Entry Form Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What payment methods can be used with the online entry form?

The online entry form accepts credit card payments only.

Is it compulsory to use the online entry form?

Yes. Use the Worksheet to plan your online entry. Contact quiltshow@quiltnsw.com if you require assistance.

What computer equipment do I need to complete the entry form online?

The form is designed for Windows and Macintosh computers with a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome) and an internet connection.

Can I fill out the form on my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, the form can be completed on a smartphone or tablet.  We recommend using a computer if available.

What information do I need to complete the online entry form?

You will need the following items.  Get them ready before you start!

  • Quilt details: title, size, category, 40word description etc
  • quilt photo(s) in jpg format – less than 5MB file size. Sample label: LastnameInitial1.jpg e.g. JonesB1.jpg
  • design source details: e.g. publication, kit/block of the month, artwork, photograph.
  • Copyright permission(s) (if applicable – see Condition10) in jpg, PDF or Word format – less than 2MB file size. Sample label LastNameInitialDesignConsent1 e.g.JonesBDesignConsent1.jpg

Can I stop in the middle of the entry form and come back to it?

The online form follows the same sequence as the worksheet and includes sections for Quiltmaker Details, Quilt Details, Awards and Quiltmaker Declaration. If you need to pause along the way, click on the Save and Continue Later link at the bottom of the form and follow the prompts. Your data (apart from attachments) will be saved for you to return to later.
You will also be able to review your completed entry formand make changes prior to final submission.

How do I get my photos the right size?

As per condition 9, QuiltNSW requires a good quality photo showing the entire quilt up to whatever stage it is at.  For the purposes of the online entry form, the photo must in jpg format and the file size must not exceed 5MB. 

If your camera is set to take high resolution/large photos, it is likely that you will have to resize your photo.  Around 2MB is ideal (say 1800 pixels on the longest side).  Most photo-editing programs have resizing functions.  In addition, your computer may have built-in tools for resizing images.   Here are some tutorial links:

Please label your images correctly with your last name, first initial and entry number.  For example, for two entries, the photos would be labelled JonesB1.jpg and JonesB2.jpg.

How do I prepare my copyright permissions (if applicable)?

Such materials may be uploaded in one or more documents.Permitted formats: jpg, Word doc/docx or PDF. File size must be at most 5MB.  Label the documents as follows:

  • Copyright Permissions: LastNameInitialDesignConsent1.filetype e.g. JonesBDesignConsent1.docx

Note: Permission to display and publish a quilt made from a commercially available pattern, including a quilt kit, Block of the Month, or a pattern from a book or magazine, is NOT necessary.

Uploading large files may take several minutes, depending on your internet connection.

How will I know if my online entry form and payment has been received?

If your entry and payment are successfully processed.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail containing your receipt number and a separate email with a copy of your completed entry form.
If you notice an error in your entry, please notify quiltshow@quiltnsw.com promptly.
Please check your junk or spam mail folder if you do not receive a confirmation e-mail.

Special Exhibitions and other Inclusions

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