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Sydney Quilt Show Handbook

Entries for the 2023 Sydney Quilt Show have now closed.

We thank our members who have entered their quilts.

If you are an entrant please download the Hanging Sleeve and Quilt Label Instructions document which contains important information for making your quilt(s) show ready.


The following 2023 information and documents remain here for your reference but please note they maybe subject to change in the future.

This online handbook is a collection of resources to assist QuiltNSW members in preparing their entry for the QuiltNSW Exhibition 2023 Sydney Quilt Show including:

  • Online Entry Form: opens Monday 1 May 2023. Closes Midnight 4th June 2023 (Sydney time).
  • Membership form: entrants must be financial members for 2022/2023 and/or 2023/2024
  • Categories & Conditions of Entry: includes definitions for categories and awards
  • Worksheet: review the worksheet to gather all the information that you will need to complete the online entry form.
  • Volunteer Form: opens later in 2023
  • Flow Chart: no matter what kind of quilt you make, there’s a place for you to share it.  Follow the flow chart to help you choose your category.
  • How to make a prize winning quilt

New in 2023

  1. Maximum size: 260cm by 260cm
  2. Two-Person Collaboration (Condition 19): For Category 18 (Two-Person Collaborative Quilt) any collaboration where neither party has been paid for their services is eligible for this category including but not limited to the following examples.
    • Where both people work together on every stage in the creation of the quilt.
    • Where one person makes the quilt top and has creative input in the design of the quilting by another person and the quilter is not paid.
    • Quilts made from orphan blocks or antique tops where the original maker is not known.
    • Where a person completed a quilt started by a maker who has died or is no longer quilting.
  3. Changes to the Modern Category (Condition 22) : if you thought your quilt was modern and it does not fit one of the new modern categories it is most likely a contemporary quilt rather than modern and should be entered into the technique categories. This category has been split into 3 parts: Negative Space and Minimal Design, Improvisational and Traditional.
  4. New President’s Award: This will be awarded to an amateur for a quilt that has heart, it should be an everyday quilt that has not been a recipient of an award in another category, a first-time entrant.
  5.  Juniors: Juniors do not require a finished quilt top, but the supplied photo is to be a progress photo of the quilt.

Other Highlights from the Conditions of Entry

  1. Eligibility: This is a members’ exhibition. Entrants must be financial members for 2022/2023 and/or 2023/2024. New and returning members are welcome – invite a friend! Renew or join online at: QuiltNSW Membership Form
  2. Entry fee: 1 quilt $30. 2 quilts $40.
  3. Cancellation & Refunds: QuiltNSW may cancel the exhibition. If the cancellation occurs before the quilts are received for judging, you will receive a $10 refund. If the cancellation occurs after the quilts are received for judging, no refunds are payable.
  4. Limit of 350 Quilts & Selection Ballot: QuiltNSW has set a limit of 350 quilts in the members’ exhibition having regard to space and resource considerations. Please ensure that you nominate your preferred quilt as your first choice. In 2023, if we receive valid entries for more than 350 quilts, a ballot will be conducted of second choice entries to a number we consider manageable. If your second choice quilt is not selected due to the ballot, you will be refunded $10.
  5. Folding (condition 12): ALL quilts will be folded as part of the judging process. All quilts must be delivered according to condition 12. Use of special packaging eg. bubble wrap, tissue, pool noodles is not possible during the judging process.
  6. Postage (condition 13): Entrants who elect to have their quilts sent and/or returned by mail are liable for all postal costs, regardless of location. Any quilt/s being returned by post must include the return postage and packaging with the quilt/s on delivery to the Drop Off Volunteer (DOV). The packaging provided must meet Australia Post standards. Our DOVs do a wonderful job handling these quilts please be considerate of the time involved in repacking the quilts and visits to the post office. Each year we receive in a number of postal entries. DOVs should not have the added burden of chasing return postal costs or sourcing packing materials.
  7. Prizes: groups and individuals sponsor prizes at the Sydney Quilt Show. Because of their generosity, we will be able to allocate cash/voucher and product to the quilts awarded a 1st place in each category, excellence or special award. All prize winners will receive a rosette and certificate.
  8. Choosing Your Category: Review the definitions and conditions and choose the category that best suits your quilt. The decision for the category entered is your responsibility. 
  9. Open Category – Modern: The modern category will be divided into three categories to be consistent with the pieced and applique categories.  The three categories are:
    • Negative Space\Minimalist Design: the quilt design incorporates a creative use of negative space integrated into the composition of the quilt. The design of the quilt emphasizes extreme simplification of content and form to achieve maximum visual impact.
    • Modern Traditional: the quilt design incorporates the use of an identifiable traditional block pattern and reimagines it by applying elements of modern design such as asymmetry, colour, scale, etc
    • Improvisational Piecing: the majority of the piecing in the quilt top is done improvisationally, without the use of a defined pattern or template
  10. Quilt Tops Must be Completed at time of Entry: quilts in progress are eligible for the Sydney Quilt Show 2023. However, as a minimum, the quilt top must be complete at the time of entry.  We encourage you to progress your quilts as much as possible prior to entry so you know your work will be show-ready in time and withdrawals are avoided.

Other Reminders

  • If you are planning on entering Entrant’s Quilt Top Quilted by Another (Categories 5 and 10), please book your quilt in time for delivery and ensure that your quilter is a current QuiltNSW member. QuiltNSW Membership Form
  • Ensure that your quilt size matches your submission. The show layout is dependent on this information.  It is used for the layout of all the quilts for the show and all the equipment that is used to hang your quilts.
  • QuiltNSW respects the rights of First Nation People to own and control their heritage. Therefore, entrants should not incorporate design elements into their quilts without consent of the owners.
  • Include proper attribution to the design source for your quilts, and if applicable design consent from the copyright holder. (Design consent is not required for a commercially available pattern.) Please obtain design consent prior to commencing work on your quilt.
  • All entries in category 13: Art Quilts must be your own original design, not a copy or a variation of another artist’s design in any medium.
  • For category 18: Two Person Collaborative any collaboration where neither party has been paid for their services is eligible. Refer to Condition 19 for further information.

Key dates:

  • Opening Date for Entries: Monday 1 May 2023
  • Closing Date for Entries: Sunday 4th June 2023 at Midnight
  • Acceptance Notification Dispatched:  Monday 10 July 2023
  • Deadline for Quilts to be delivered to Drop Off Volunteers: Friday 25 August 2023
  • Deadline for Quilts to be collected from Drop Off Volunteers: Sunday 24 September 2023


Quilt Show Online Entry Form FAQs