Sydney Quilt Show 2019 Flowchart

Sydney Quilt Show 2019 Categories Flow Chart

Flow Chart Notes: 2019 Updates shown in Red

  1. See the category definitions in the Conditions of Entry.
  2. Categories may be further sub-divided at the discretion of the QuiltNSW committee. Likely sub-categories include Amateur Pieced – large and small and Entrant’s Quilt Top Quilted by Another (Amateur) – large and small.
  3. Entrants in Categories 1-4 and 6-9 may nominate their quilt for one of the new special awards:  Best Traditional Quilt or Best Contemporary Quilt. Winners of these awards go forward for consideration for Best of Show.
  4. The decision for the category entered is the sole responsibility of the maker/entrant. Quilts will not be moved to another category after the entry form has been processed.
  5. The coverlet or quilt must be entirely the maker’s own work including construction, quilting and binding except for: Categories 5 and 10 Entrant’s Quilt Top Quilted by Another; Category 16 Two Person Collaborative Quilt and Category 17 Group/Collaborative Quilt.
  6. Categories 5 and 10 Entrant’s Quilt Top Quilted by Another for quilts where any quilting is done by another person, whether or not payment is received. The quilting may have been done by hand, domestic sewing machine, frame- mounted machine, long-arm machine or computer aided stitching. The services of the same quilter may be used by more than one entrant in these categories.
  7. All entries in the Art Quilt category must be the entrant’s own design, not a copy or variation on the design of another artist working in any medium. In 2019, this category is open to both abstract and figurative works communicating an idea, emotion or concept through the medium of textile and stitch. Entries must be at least two layers stitched together.
  8. In 2019, the Pictorial Quilt category is a dedicated category open to any 3-layer quilt depicting a person, place or thing regardless of design source.
  9. If a quilt does not qualify for the Art Quilt or Pictorial Quilt categories or the entrant does not wish to enter these categories for any reason, the quilt may be entered into the relevant techniques-based category. Techniques-based categories are open to any quilt regardless of style.


Introduction to New Categories & Awards for 2017

QuiltNSW has undertaken a comprehensive review of categories and awards for Sydney Quilt Show in consultation with members.  After considering all the feedback, the following key changes will be made for the 2017 show:

  • introduction of technique-based categories for amateurs and professionals: Pieced Quilt, Appliqué Quilt, Combined Pieced and Appliqué and Other Techniques;
  • the Entrant’s Quilt Top Quilted by Another open category will be divided into amateur and professional categories;
  • new open categories: Coverlets and Two-person Collaborative Quilts;
  • continuation of a Modern Quilt category with an updated definition;
  • new special awards: Best Contemporary Quilt and Best Traditional Quilt for amateurs and professionals. Winners of these awards go forward for consideration for Best of Show; and
  • new sponsor award: Imaginative Use of Fabric Award: clever fabric play

For more information, see the November 2016 of The Template and the presentation: Introduction to New Categories & Awards