Level 5, 276 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000 (Wednesday and Friday 11am-2pm) - Tel: 612 9283 3737 - email: office@quiltnsw.com

QuiltNSW Library

Quilting Books
QuiltNSW maintains an extensive library of books, videos, CDs and DVDs, as well as a large selection of slide sets and magazines. Download:

Members can visit the office to chat with other quilters, browse and borrow books.  If that is not an option for you, requests can be submitted via email, post, fax or phone (not available to members outside Australia).  It is advisable to give a list of 6-8 titles, in order of preference, to ensure we can have some books in the post to you within days. You may choose to reserve a title that is unavailable at the time of your initial request.

Three books may be borrowed at one time. (Three magazines count as one book but one CD or DVD counts as one book. QuiltNSW pays the outward postage and the member pays the return postage. Books may be kept for one month; the due date is shown on the pocket in the front of the book. Please ensure that books are returned on time and in good condition.

The library contents are listed by Author, by Title and now also by Subject.  New additions to the Library are marked with ** on the Author listing. 

This service is a boon for quilters outside urban areas, giving you access to a huge range of books for just the cost of posting the books back to the QuiltNSW office.

Greener Pastures: Louise Stuart  Modern Amish: Helen Tait  Caught running in a Bar Quilt: Heather Taylor  Bush Star Flower: Heather Taylor  Loud Diamond: Kathy Thorncraft  Amish - Traditional to Modern: Lynette Thrift