JEP 2017-2019

The QuiltNSW Judging Education Program called for expressions of interest from QuiltNSW members for a new intake of participants in 2017-2019. The program is made up of 10 core modules designed to develop knowledge and skills across a range quilt judging, jurying and critiquing scenarios broadly as follows:

  1. Tuesday 26 September 2017: Introduction to Quilt Judging Fundamentals (Epping Creative Centre)
  2. Tuesday 14 November 2017: Mock Judging Exercise: Traditional Quilts (Epping Creative Centre)
  3. 2018: Judging Art Quilts and Jurying Quilt Exhibitions (QuiltNSW Office)
  4. 2018: Longarm Quilting (TBA)
  5. 2018: Elements & Principles of Design, Jurying Exercise and Art Quilt Mock Judging Exercise (Epping Creative Centre)
  6. 2018: Hand Quilting, Piecing and Applique (QuiltNSW Office)
  7. 2019: Colour and Composition (QuiltNSW Office)
  8. 2019: Group Research Presentations Batch 1 (QuiltNSW Office)
  9. 2019: Group Research Presentations Batch 2 (QuiltNSW Office)
  10. 2019: Mock Judging Exercise and Preparation for “Giving Back” (Epping Creative Centre)

JEP participation is then by invitation only and to proceed to participate in the second intake, you must agree to:

  • pay a commitment fee of $150;
  • attend at least 60% of the sessions including contributing to a group research exercise; and
  • contribute in good faith to a “giving back” component that may include such activities as providing quilt judging services free of charge via JEP, speaking engagements and articles for the QuiltNSW newsletter.

If you submiited an Expression of Interest and received an invitation to participate in the JEP intake for 2017-2019, please complete the registration form below by 31 August 2017. Please direct any queries to the JEP Convenor Brenda Gael Smith at