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Quilt Assessment Program

QuiltNSW has established a Quilt Assessment Program (QAP) to:

  • provide quality training and education to enable the JAP participants to assess quilts in any local, regional, national or guild show; and
  • provide and actively promote a quilt assessment service for the benefit of QuiltNSW members and member groups.

This free service is currently available within a two-hour travel radius of Sydney. Boundaries may be expanded in the future. The assessors are allocated by QuiltNSW drawing from the pool of QAP assessors and provide a professional and impartial judging service and work within the parameters of the criteria set by the quilt show or challenge co-ordinators.

To request Quilt Assessment services for your quilt show or challenge, please complete the Quilt Assessment Service Request Form or contact the the QAP Convenor at assessors@quiltnsw.com

Quilt Assessors Directory

The following QuiltNSW members are available to provide quilt assessment services in their personal capacity and not as representatives of QuiltNSW. Please contact them directly: